Glovita - Our perfection is your protection!

Our perfection is your protection!

Glovita - Our perfection is your protection!
Glovita - Our perfection is your protection!
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Glovita - Our perfection is your protection!





According to the updated laws we issue an EU conform certification for all the products we produce. In these certifications we guarantee the conformity of the individual protection devices and the protection level categories. With each order Glovita encloses a detailed conformity, the protection levels, the suggested field of use and a user manual.
The individual protection devices must be categorized under the features issued in decrees of 2/2002. SzCsM and 18/2008 SzMM. The appropriety of these categories are controlled by the Customers' Supervisory Office.
The protection devices belong to three big categories by the protection level:
1. category: against minimal risks, law protection requirement.
2. category: against medium risks. eg: protection against mechanical impact.
3. category: protection devices which protect against lethal injuries, irreversible deterioration in the health.
The inspections are done by internationally notified laboratories and the certificates are issued by an internationally appointed examination company to Glovita.
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