Glovita - Our perfection is your protection!

Our perfection is your protection!

Glovita - Our perfection is your protection!
Glovita - Our perfection is your protection!
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Glovita - Our perfection is your protection!





Glovita Gloves Co., Ltd is one of the largest knitted gloves factories in Europe. More than 300 most up-to-date Japanese Shima Seiki knitting machines are producing the high quality gloves in our ISO 9001/2010.
The factory was founded in 1929 by the Austrian Heller & Asconas. They started the production with hosiery and later gloves production has started on the semi-automatic knitting machines. We bought the first Japanese automatic knitting machines in 1970 which were capable to knit street gloves and safety gloves. Because of the high Far-Eastern competition and the changing of the customers' shopping habits (appearance of shopping malls) the production of street gloves has been stopped and all of our knowledge and experience were put in the production and development of safety-gloves.
As we have been producing very high quality level firefighter gloves in wage work for many years we are capable to merge the knitting and tailoring technology (leather and Nomex and Kevlar tissues) to produce multifunctional safety gloves.
Our capacity is more than 10 million pairs of gloves a year. Among the modern Shima Seiki knitting machines you can always find the most up-to-date ones too. The materials we use are: cotton, polyamide, polyester as the basic ones but you can also find the heat-proof Nomex, the heat and cut resistant Kevlar and other high quality technical yarns to meet all requirements.
We supply to all the sectors of the industry such as automobile, health-service, food, building etc. Our main policy is the reliability, quality and short lead-times. One quarter of our production are sold on the domestic market and 75% are sold on the Wester-European markets.
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